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The Maryland Community College Simulation Users Network was established in 2009 with the vision of forming an alliance for community college nursing faculty, lab coordinators, lab technicians and other health program staff with the common goal of improving the simulation educational component.

Hagerstown Community College is leading the statewide collaborative nursing simulation users group network. This Network will be developing and implementing a system of high quality simulation training opportunities to support Maryland community college nursing program faculties across the state.

The Network was created from a Nursing Support Program Grant under the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Our goal is to provide quality simulation education to nursing and health science faculty and lab coordinators; serve as a resource and support to one another; and raise the level of nursing and health science education for students throughout the state.

Faculty development is an integral component to incorporating simulation into the nursing curriculum. The Network is quickly gaining strong representation from the majority of the community college nursing programs throughout the state, as well as respiratory therapy faculty, hospital educators and university faculty.