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Nursing's National Treasure: The Five (5) plus Five(5) Rights of Medication Administration Can you Dig It?

Imagine that student nurses are enchanted by the opportunity to learn about medications and how they affect their patients. Students have the opportunity to be transformed in their conceptual knowledge about pharmaceuticals, as well as learn in-depth their role in administering medications safely. Find out how faculty have used not only textbooks, but peer-reviewed websites, simulations, role play and other computer-based software to provide students with the best evidence to safely administer medications. Students take the Pharmacotherapeutics course as a second semester sophomore. This 3 credit course includes 2- one hour lectures per week and 1- three hour lab per week. During the lecture, concepts related to medications are explored; such as mechanism of action, indications (patient specific), side effects versus adverse reactions, therapeutic outcomes, nursing assessment, interventions and evaluation. In the Pharm Lab, nursing students experience the faculty treasures; taking the concepts and applying them to the safety of administering the medications safely. Our clinical pearls are discovered and shared to include our “Five” plus “Five” Rights of medication administration. This includes the traditional: right patient, right medication, right dose, right route and right time. However, the additional five are stressed as equally important: right assessment, right to refuse, right teaching, right evaluation and right documentation. This is reflected daily in the clinical practice lab and as the students have to demonstrate competency on “Mastery Day” 3 times through the semester.